White paper

Notes from Montreal

Arvester was selected to be part of the French delegation to MTL Connect in Montreal.

Arvester was part of the French delegation to the MTL Connect event in October 2023, made up of a dozen entrepreneurs and researchers each working on a project to promote the discoverability of cultural content online.

I was invited by the French and Canadian Ministries of Culture to speak on the subject of measuring the visibility of cultural goods online. I took this opportunity to present our innovative methodology to a large number of film industry professionals.

Photo credits: Marie Béraud, French Ministry of Culture.

Other speakers relayed their fears at not knowing how prominent content is online, notably French-language titles in an English-language dominated industry.

The event brought to the fore the necessity of introducing new measurement tools to the VOD ecosystem, and of making them accessible to creatives, rights holders and institutions so that they may gain access to information that has until now remained beyond their reach.

I am grateful to the organisers of MTL Connect and to Marie Béraud and Sébastien Thévenet at the French Ministry of Culture for selecting us.